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The anticipation, excitement and commitment certainly paid off with a concert , that I think, will be one of the Society’s finest.
Having the musicians there for the afternoon rehearsal just brought it all together. Hearing the double bass come in after the first fews bars in the opening Kyrie, made my tears run rendering me voiceless for a minute or so, as my late father was a great bass player, playing with the big dance bands plus other jazz groups. I could see him so clearly strumming and bowing away getting wrapped up in every note that was played. It was a very poignant moment for me.

Will was so easy to work with and very encouraging about the sound we were producing. Well, we certainly could not let him nor Howard down after all the work we had put in.
Performance here we come! Wasn’t it great ? You just know after the opening notes that all will be well and we took it to another level.

I think we were rather tentative for a while about the Songs of Peace buy maybe having Will there playing made us relax and get into the pieces. Even the D sharp was spot on !! All the parts were secure and you couldn’t help but be swept away with a glorious sound and feel for the music.
There was a real energy throughout the pieces of the Mass. I don’t know about you but when the opening bars begin and then it blasts into the double time, the adrenaline is swirling around and you become very focused for the start of the Kyrie.
We didn't appear to be phased either by the faster tempo in the Credo ! How good was that ? HEADS UP for the last chord.... and at the end, well how much longer were we going to hang onto that note ?  For as long as Will Todd wanted  to , is the simple answer!!

All soloists, musicians and performers were TERRIFIC making this a truly memorable evening.
As Will Todd said, singing is a wonderful thing to be involved with.

We are so fortunate to be able to experience moments like these throughout our singing. We enjoy coming together as a group to sing, support each other, socialise and rub out !! Some of us ,one day, may win a hamper !!

Long may it continue.  VIVA LA MUSICA !!

Kay Blake
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We have an invitation to sing which I’m passing on to the whole choir as everyone knows Songs of Peace. If anyone would like to group together / share cars for a day out, I’m happy to co-ordinate and liaise with Rachel ( I’m away that weekend otherwise I’d have gone up too!).


Message from Rachael of Sutton Bonington singers:....

From: Rachael Crosland <svyrc1@nottingham.ac.uk>
Subject: Potential choir link-ups
Date: 4 May 2019 at 16:27:37 BST
To: "howiesayer@gmail.com" <howiesayer@gmail.com>

Hi Howard,
Hope you are all well and recovered from the excitement of New York! Apologies for such a slow reply on my part, its all been a bit hectic over here!
Regarding possible link-ups, on our part- we have a concert here at 6pm Sunday 19th May (we would expect it to finish by around 8pm). If possible we would love to do a few pieces of our New York repertoire during that concert however as we only have 7 members who came to New York, we would be very grateful for the back up- especially tenors and basses if possible, but any help welcomed! The concert is the final part of a charity family fun day here at the university, as well as the concert there are lots of activities during the day including childrens activites, science stalls, a beer festival, an art show, and a range of food options! We would expect an audience of 300 ish. If some of your members fancied joining us then we would be thrilled to have them. There are slots for music at a bandstand during the day, so if timing allowed then we could do the repertoire both then and in the evening to give slightly more for your members to do! Provided there weren't too many we could provide them with free entry to the event, if there are a few more though we would give it at a reduced rate of £2/£3- as it is for charity. I've attached a poster for the event, our address is Sutton Bonington Campus, University of Nottingham, College Road, Sutton Bonington Leicestershire, LE12 5RD, so you can work out how far the trip would be for you guys and whether any of you would fancy it.
Let me know your thoughts, we wont be offended either way as I realise this is rather late notice!
Best wishes,

Rachael Crosland
SB Singers